About Us!

Proper doughnuts. Handmade in small batches, using the finest quality ingredients and less sugar.

Longboys is a small batch bakery, specialising in handmade finger doughnuts. Our brioche base is rolled and cut by hand, allowing us to produce a lighter doughnut. Our fillings, toppings, jams and compotes are made fresh in house from the finest seasonal ingredients. We want our products taste like the real deal. Our finger doughuts are Halal. 

Our belief is that doughnuts can taste great without being overly sweet- and that’s why where possible we reduce sugar throughout our processes.
By going the extra mile, we can ensure quality is never compromised.

Our Brand +

A young and vibrant, independent brand.

Longboys launched in early 2019 in north London. We quickly became known for revolutionising the doughnut market with our quirky and innovative flavour combinations. We believe our customer service is equally as important as our products, and value both our loyal customers and those trying Longboys for the first time. Whether it be serving customers in our dedicated stores, through our corporate and events catering, or ordered through our On-Demand delivery channels, or we want to provide a stellar experience. Our goal is to make high quality patisserie accessible to all.

Our People +

One team, one dream.

We believe we are only as good as our people. We value input from all our team members, and love to see our people grow and develop alongside our brand.
We know it takes a little more than the ordinary to cultivate a great team culture, which is why we look for a little extra spark, and know that everyone’s experiences and contributions help to create a diverse and fulfilling workplace.

Our Nature +

Doing business well is doing business ethically.

We use sustainably sourced, recyclable and compostable packaging wherever we can. We love to work with like-minded brands, who share our ideals. We continually look out for ways to improve and evolve, making conscious decisions that benefit the world around us.  Our finger doughuts are Halal.

Our Story

Longboys was founded in 2019, by renowned pastry chefs Graham Hornigold and Heather Kaniuk. Our vision is to make quality, high end patisserie accessible to all. Throughout our travels, we found doughnuts in all four corners of the world, yet we felt we could bring something new and exciting to the global doughnut scene. Longboys challenges the perception of doughnuts being a calorie laden sweet treat- bringing lighter brioche doughnuts with fresh fillings.

We challenge the shape, as although the round shape has become symbolic of doughnuts, there are in fact many unexplored possibilities to this humble medium.

Flavour means everything to us, which is why you’ll find some contemporary twists in our range, alongside some more traditional flavours. Ultimately, we simply set out to create the best tasting doughnuts, and hope to spread some joy along the way.